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What I learnt from the Open

What I learnt from the Open…

Well I’m going to just come out and say it, this has been my favourite 5 weeks so far in the CrossFit Open. 

Was it my best performance ? No not at all and not by a long shot. 

But that’s because we made it a goal to concentrate on our community and make it the most enjoyable experience they could have, and it wasn’t about myself. 

We were blown away by each and everyone of the Kia Maia crew that took part in the Open, and their performances were incredible. From new personal best weights, first muscle ups, strict hspu , pull ups or even finishing a workout that they never thought possible. 

So after the dust has settled, what should we all take out of this experience? 

Well it should be positive, sure we could sit around and beat ourselves up on not getting the score we set out to do, or breaking those thrusters or even missing a workout due to work commitments or just life in general. 


We can sit down and set “Goals” for the next open, and once we have these goals then we set “Habits” to reach them. You see that’s the beauty of the open and well CrossFit in general, it always highlights things we need to work on and hey let’s be honest if we were good at everything that HQ through at us we would be at the Games, along side the very few elite in the “Sport”. 

This is what I have spent the last few weeks doing and I suggest the same thing for you, as we always have room to grow, learn and even push our body to the unknown. If we always remain comfortable how do we really know what we are truely capable of. 

If you want to learn more on what we do at CrossFit Kia Maia and Hold Fast Strength then hit the link below.

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