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Tips from the Trainers

Today we catch up with Liam, and he shares his knowledge around injuries and bouncing back.


Injuries are unfortunately one of those things that come and go throughout a year of training, some minor niggles and some more serious (touch wood). Having suffered my fair sheer of majors in the last few years I wanted to throw some mindset approaches out there for you guys to adopt if necessary. 

1. Accept that something has happened. It’s always hard to accept the fact you have an injury (major or minor) especially if you don’t get them often. So step one is recognizing when your body is feeling pain or discomfort that isn’t muscular development. The only way forward from this point is to address this through the appropriate channels, come and talk to the coaches and/or go and see a trusted physio (we can recommend some). 

2. Putting in the work. Now that you have an understanding of what the injury is and have a plan of attack from either us or your physio it’s time to do the hard yards. This sometimes means biting the bullet a little bit with class workouts and doing what you have been prescribed instead of “the fun stuff”. Rehab can come in many forms weather its exercises, mobilizing, stabilizing, tissue release, strengthening, rebuilding, whatever it is the harder you work on what needs to be done the sooner you can get back to REACHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

 3. Mission accomplished.   So you have come to the end of your rehab and are integrating more and more into the programming. This part is all about expectations, you can’t expect to out-perform your “pre-injury self” straight away. All good things take time and this is now the time to ease your body back into a bigger work load and start getting used to your shiny new abilities from your healed injury! 

Lets be real, Injuries suck no matter how big or small, sometimes it’s the small ones that stick around the longest. So we need to have a FIX IT NOW, FIX IT RIGHT approach so we can get back to training to reach our full potential. Last point is don’t be afraid to chat to other members and the coaches about any issues! We are all hear to help and lift each other up! 

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