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Tips from the Trainers Thursday.

Over the next couple of months we are going to hand it over to one of our epic coaches to share their tips on how they attack WODS, Strength pieces, Mobility, Sleep, Nutrition,  taking time out from  the gym and well… all things that can help you on your way to “Reach your full potential “ 

So to kick it off Coach Lachs is going to share some tips that he finds helps him, when he is about do a big strength piece and what techniques he uses that brings him through those dark places of a workout. 

When it comes to those days in our program that shoots us above that 85+% range of all our lifts I try to attack each lift or each set with the mindset of “this isn’t heavy and you’ve done this before “ … so “let’s go one more time” I find when I have gone into it with a opposite mindset of “damn this is heavy “ (even though it’s the same weight) it feels heavy, sluggish and it just feels average. 

On days we have a Max programmed, if I’m not feeling 100% or amped. I attack the session with setting myself a goal: eg: I am going to get to 90-95% today with no misses and make every lift tidy. If I can complete this then it’s a successful session . 

When it comes to those dark places in the workout, I’m a big fan of 2 things 

1: positive self talk

2: Finding your pacing exercise. 

Let’s look at number 1 , you may think this is weird but I talk to myself like I talk to our athletes, members and anyone I train. 

“Ok let’s go, 10 more reps then you can move on” or “your moving the weight well, not many more to go” or my favourite “your just a little uncomfortable not in danger, this is getting you fitter and stronger” 

I do this to get me through, 

Because I look at it if I was to ever say to someone in class (which I wouldn’t ). “Oh yep this workout looks to hard you better just sit down over in the corner” or “ hey yep you look really tired and your struggling” they would probably stop right there, grab their gear and walk out. 

Number 2 : this will be a quick tip, but I always look at a workout and find what is the movement that jumps out at me that I can execute with efficiency and low effort. When I find this I use this to catch my breath in and reset my strategy. For example mine is Running and rowing… but like I said each person is different. 

Ok so there we go, I hope this helps and you can get some benefits and this can help you with your training. 

Like always if you have any questions then please fire away. 

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