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“Relative intensity”

This week on “Tips from the Trainers Thursday” we catch up with Coach Bryce as he shares some knowledge bombs and experiences on training

When I first started CrossFit around 5 years ago I walked into the gym wearing my stubbies and a singlet.. I quickly became hooked on training and wanted to be the fittest dude in the gym.

I looked at guys lifting heavier, running faster and doing cooler shit than me.
I wanted to be apart of the big boys club!

Jumping headfirst into the “RX” version of every workout before I was ready.. I remember in my first couple of months of CrossFit doing “Murph”.. I thought I had butterfly pull-ups but looking back would’ve more closely resembled a half dead fish on a riverbank..

Anyway, where I am going with this story is that looking back at the first 2 years of my CrossFit career I bypassed a lot and I mean A LOT of the essential technique and movement consistency required to do “cool shit” like muscle ups, squat snatches, handstand walking or even just completing a workout “RX”.

This in my eyes now was a mistake. I wasn’t working within the intensity relative to my ability at the time. Causing my technique to suffer and create “poor movement” I had to weed out of myself later down the road.

The progression of each individuals “Fitness” should be as efficient as possible. This means breaking down movements to their simplest forms (or positions) to build consistency and technical excellence before progressing or adding intensity.
Rather than on the flip side (or in my case) progressing to soon and having to go back to square one to re learn proper form!

This progression for one person may be slower than it is for another and you know what? That’s ok!
We are all coming along to CrossFit Kia Maia with the overall goal to improve our health and that is a long term commitment that needs constant attention.

A couple of months of dedicated technique work isn’t a big deal in the big scheme of things!
Rather than thinking “I want a muscle up” think “I want muscle ups”
This will change the mindset of “I just want to get my ass on top of that bar” to “I need to move better in order to get my ass on top of that bar for multiple reps”
And the best part of it is that you all have access to coaches who LOVE to share their knowledge and help!

So to round up my little “Thursday tip”
Know your current “relative fitness level” own it, excel at it and then progress! Step by step towards the best possible athlete you can be!


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