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It happens to the best of us

Don’t worry we have all be there before… its coming off the colder months, the short days and the inconsistent weather. Then all of a sudden we are hit head first with the kiwi summer and we start to stress out that we are not quite #beachbody ready.  

Then we start to ponder our options to keep us away from doing anything about our routine… “well this years a right off, ill just wait until next” ,“I want to go to the gym but I cant find the motivation”  or personally my favorite “I need to get fit to go to the gym”

Well this blog isn’t a magic pill, however hopefully after taking a read it may help you put some systems in place to get you into a consistent routine to get you towards your goals. 

1. Find a “training partner” someone that will hold you accountable to your goals, will make time to hit the gym or classes with you and give you a kick up the backside if you need it.

2. Sit down and write your 3,6 and 12month goals then structure a plan that will work to get you there, take it to account your other commitments BUT make it a non negotiable to stick to your training.

3. Find a event or something to work towards.. sign up nice and early for it then you have a definite date to work towards.

4. We are unfortunately met with some restrictions sometimes, we get sick, injured or we are away on business… don’t be afraid to ask a coach for help, I’m sure they would be more then happy to tailor something for you to do to keep you on track.

5. Its not always a “long road back” sometimes all it takes is say F..K it and take the leap back in, remember you have been there before and we will get you there again.

Remember your goals can be anything that YOU want to work towards, they shouldn’t be anyone else’s that’s what makes them so special… don’t let anyone tell you that they are unrealistic. If you really want something and are prepared to work then anything could be possible.. But the first step is doing something about it and making a deadline for it to happen. 

I hope this helps guide you in the right direction and if we can help in anyway then please feel free to contact us.

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