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Is CrossFit Expensive ???

Is CrossFit expensive? 

The simple answer….. 


You see the average person living in New Zealand spends a average of 

$100 + a month on Sky and or

Similar services: Netflix, Apple TV, the list goes on 

$60 a week on eating out or having a catch up beverage with friends 

$10-18 per week on a 24 hour gym membership they don’t regularly use (I’ll get to this a little bit later on) 

$5+ a day on coffee

 (don’t worry I don’t have anything against coffee, in fact I love it) 

This is just 4 statistics I thought I would share. 

Now if we took all these items and put them into a monthly value it would probably be around the ball park figure of  $575-$600 per month. 

Pretty scary when you look at it like that. The reason it’s slightly disturbing is that we don’t think twice when it comes to enjoying things like this. 

However we hesitate and run in the opposite direction when something comes up in regards to improving our health and fitness. A simple thing that creates so many different avenues in our life, from being able to run around with our kids and loved ones, to being fit enough to go exploring the beautiful places that we have everywhere in NZ, to simply have the energy and a positive outlook to get us through those busy days at work. 

We went over some figures at the start of this article in regards to some of New Zealand’s spending habits, let’s now look into how a “CrossFit” membership breaks down. 

On average a “Unlimited Membership” at CrossFit costs $50-60p.w depending on the gym. 

Let’s now divide that by 7 (the number of days in a week) 

= $7.50-$8 per day 

I would say that’s a pretty great deal, when you would think twice about buying a counter lunch or 2 coffees a day.

Let’s have a look into what you get…

  • a fully planned 60 minute workout which can also be changed to suit your restrictions by a coach. 
  • Nutrition advice 
  • A group of like minded people who love to workout and have your interests at heart (Community) 
  • A place you could also come and do your own training if you wanted to change up your session for the day 
  • Not to mention Owners, coaches and members who actually care when you don’t turn up for a few days and reach out to see if everything is ok. 

I could go on for a bit more, but I think you get the point where I am going with this… I’m not saying that CrossFit is the only style of training you should do, I am more trying to explain that there is much more to a CrossFit membership then what you see advertised on a website. 

So hopefully this has changed your perspective and if it has, I say give it a go. 

Want to try CrossFit ? 

Click the link below to start your Free Intro Session. 

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