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Goal setting

Action plan to get your goals sorted. 

We all have thoughts about creating health and fitness goals, but sometime we really struggle with how to develop a action plan. 

In this blog we will give you tips and ideas on what  helps us when we set goals. 

1: when it comes to setting a goal it has to be descriptive, meaning you want to set something right down to the finest detail of what you want…. for example: so many people want to “lose weight” but how many people want to “lose 10kg”. 

2: have a deadline, because with out a set date it is just a thought or dream it’s not something that is going to hold you accountable and give you a deadline to achieve by. If we don’t have a deadline then we can keep moving the goal post if we are not quite there yet. 

3: Outline the things that have restricted you in the past, eg: work, social life, circle of influence and if you feel any of these have limited you in achieving what you really want then try and change it. Now I don’t mean anything drastic and dramatic but there are certain things you can control and your work life/balance is one of them. So maybe have those conversations with certain people and lay your goals on the table, you never know how supportive they could be. 

4: Find accountability, whether it’s a partner, coach, friend or boss. Tell them your goals and give them a deadline. Inform them that you want them to keep you on track. Please note don’t get pissed off at them if they start to ask you how things are going or hit you up if you miss gym sessions etc. They only want what is best for you. 

5: Find a facility, coach or community. 


Find a place that you want to train at or with. If your training/nutrition is enjoyable then it becomes easy to stick to and doesn’t feel like a daily grind. 

Remember if you put these into play, it will become enjoyable and easy to manage. If you find the right place to train or coach then they will go through your journey with you and hey if your goals change or get accomplished to early then go through these steps again. 

Good luck and we look forward to hearing about your results. 

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