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Coaches Tips Thursday

Heavy lifts/Olympic Lifting.

Seeing that Oly is my favourite it seems like the best place to start. One of the things I love the most about Olympic lifting is that the bar never lies, 100kg today is 100kg tomorrow but how that 100kgs feels, is always up to me, and my mindset. 

I like to approach my lightest lifts with the same intensity that I would with the heavier ones. That way, I set myself up for success by carrying the energy right through the workout rather than trying to turn it on in the hardest moments. 

When that bar gets heavy, I use visualization and breathing. 

Before the lift, I’ll run through it in my mind and visualize myself performing it, catching the lift and finishing exactly as I want it to turn out, and how happy I feel when that happens. Then, as I walk up to the bar I’ll take 3 short sharp breaths to pump myself up, replay that visualization and then I always shout “C’MON!! You got this” – *shouting happens inside my head obviously* Imagine the looks I’d get if I did that out loud haha 🙂 

Important to note that even if I didn’t get the lift as I intended, the visualization is a great place to go back to and feel good about the lift and trying again. 

How I manage the dark place in WODs. 

When WOD’s get real tough and disgusting, which is pretty much every WOD for me, and I’m blowing bubbles trying to survive, my main strategy is always to break the workout down into smaller sections. 

I set myself mini goals to achieve rather than being consumed by the whole workout. 

Tuesday’s WOD was a perfect example, 3 x 8min AMRAP’s, and the last AMRAP was 12 Wall Balls 6 Burpee Box Jump overs (“My favourite”, said no one ever…). 

So naturally by AMRAP 3 which is about 2 AMRAP’s too many for me, I was toast and purely in survival mode. So rather than thinking “I have to do this for 8 minutes???” I just broke it down into manageable sections. I focused on finishing the wall balls unbroken, and knew I could catch a few breaths after that, and then “let’s just get through these burpee box jumps” I just repeat this  process and before I know it time is up and I feel great having finished and achieved what I intended. 

Just like Lachie mentioned with his strategy, I’ll also look for areas I know I can manage my breathing and catch a break, for me this is usually rowing, Airdyne or hang cleans. Those movements help me to slow my breathing and get some more energy back in the tank for the next movement. 

I hope this helps you to find your strategy and to enjoy every moment of working out and moving our bodies how nature intended. 

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