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What I learnt from the Open

What I learnt from the Open…

Well I’m going to just come out and say it, this has been my favourite 5 weeks so far in the CrossFit Open. 

Was it my best performance ? No not at all and not by a long shot. 

But that’s because we made it a goal to concentrate on our community and make it the most enjoyable experience they could have, and it wasn’t about myself. 

We were blown away by each and everyone of the Kia Maia crew that took part in the Open, and their performances were incredible. From new personal best weights, first muscle ups, strict hspu , pull ups or even finishing a workout that they never thought possible. 

So after the dust has settled, what should we all take out of this experience? 

Well it should be positive, sure we could sit around and beat ourselves up on not getting the score we set out to do, or breaking those thrusters or even missing a workout due to work commitments or just life in general. 


We can sit down and set “Goals” for the next open, and once we have these goals then we set “Habits” to reach them. You see that’s the beauty of the open and well CrossFit in general, it always highlights things we need to work on and hey let’s be honest if we were good at everything that HQ through at us we would be at the Games, along side the very few elite in the “Sport”. 

This is what I have spent the last few weeks doing and I suggest the same thing for you, as we always have room to grow, learn and even push our body to the unknown. If we always remain comfortable how do we really know what we are truely capable of. 

If you want to learn more on what we do at CrossFit Kia Maia and Hold Fast Strength then hit the link below.
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Goal setting

Action plan to get your goals sorted. 

We all have thoughts about creating health and fitness goals, but sometime we really struggle with how to develop a action plan. 

In this blog we will give you tips and ideas on what  helps us when we set goals. 

1: when it comes to setting a goal it has to be descriptive, meaning you want to set something right down to the finest detail of what you want…. for example: so many people want to “lose weight” but how many people want to “lose 10kg”. 

2: have a deadline, because with out a set date it is just a thought or dream it’s not something that is going to hold you accountable and give you a deadline to achieve by. If we don’t have a deadline then we can keep moving the goal post if we are not quite there yet. 

3: Outline the things that have restricted you in the past, eg: work, social life, circle of influence and if you feel any of these have limited you in achieving what you really want then try and change it. Now I don’t mean anything drastic and dramatic but there are certain things you can control and your work life/balance is one of them. So maybe have those conversations with certain people and lay your goals on the table, you never know how supportive they could be. 

4: Find accountability, whether it’s a partner, coach, friend or boss. Tell them your goals and give them a deadline. Inform them that you want them to keep you on track. Please note don’t get pissed off at them if they start to ask you how things are going or hit you up if you miss gym sessions etc. They only want what is best for you. 

5: Find a facility, coach or community. 


Find a place that you want to train at or with. If your training/nutrition is enjoyable then it becomes easy to stick to and doesn’t feel like a daily grind. 

Remember if you put these into play, it will become enjoyable and easy to manage. If you find the right place to train or coach then they will go through your journey with you and hey if your goals change or get accomplished to early then go through these steps again. 

Good luck and we look forward to hearing about your results. 

Want to join a Community who cares ? 

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1. Better Conditioning and Versatility

CrossFit programs are designed to increase physical performance in a diverse way, whether it means being able to simply perform everyday tasks better (like mowing the lawn) or preparing your body for tough competitions. CrossFit athletes train their muscles, joints and ligaments using functional movements, which means they’re useful for more than just looking good in a bathing suit. Well-rounded workouts that use large muscle groups and various ranges of motion lead to better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength and balance.

2. The Ability to Beat Through Plateaus

CrossFit is widely varied and based on compound, or functional, movements done in a high-intensity way. This type of training is considered most effective at achieving fitness results in the fastest amount of time, while also helping you break through plateaus and boredom.

CrossFit isn’t just one type of workout repeated day after day — in fact, it’s basically the opposite. By continuously switching up the types of exercises performed, muscles used and intensity, CrossFit workouts keep you from plateauing since your muscles constantly have to work in new ways. Each program itself can be adjusted to accommodate all types of people, simply by switching up the weight load, duration and intensity of the workouts based on someone’s level of physical fitness.

3.  Can help in faster weight loss 

While many people dread doing steady-state cardio exercises, yet force themselves to do them anyway hoping to lose weight, they’re not aware that high-intensity exercises can actually burn more fat and in less time.

4. Less Time Spent Working Out, but More Results

 High-intensity functional training (HIFT) or “CrossFit” provides time-efficient aerobic and resistance exercise at self-selected intensity levels. Studies show that these types of shorter and more intense workouts, coupled with control over the intensity, can increase adherence.

5. Motivating and a Solid Support System 

Something that draws many people to CrossFit and makes it stand apart is its strong sense of community. 

Thanks to the ongoing support that stems from the group-based exercise setting, CrossFitters get the added benefit of having fellow athletes to help motivate, encourage and instruct the class inside the “CrossFit Box.”

A support system is crucial for keeping you on track and helping you overcome obstacles that can keep you from exercising and eating right. Group motivation means lower dropout rates and more accountability, which often equates to better results!

6. A Community That Supports Eating Like an Athlete!

Many CrossFit athletes choose to start following the Paleo or Zone diet to get stronger, leaner, faster and improve recovery time. Of course, you can do CrossFit workouts without needing to change your diet, but to see faster results and better health benefits,  changing certain eating habits can go a long way. 

CrossFit athletes are encouraged to eat the following foods most: Lean meats and proteins (like cage-free eggs, wild-caught fish, grass fed beef, vegetables, some fruits in moderation, nuts and seeds, small servings of starchy vegetables (like sweet potatoes, yams, plantains), and plenty of healthy fats from coconut products, avocados or extra-virgin olive oil, for example.

While the paleo diet isn’t necessarily a low-carbohydrate diet, since it puts all processed foods, sugars, grains, beans and legumes off the table, it naturally means your eating way less carbs. Your muscles receive the glucose they need to repair themselves in the form of plenty of veggies, fruits and some natural starches, but in the meantime, the lower-carb intake and higher protein/fat fills you up and helps with fat-burning.

So there you go 6 benefits that can come from CrossFit training or joining a CrossFit Community. 

Want to try CrossFit? 

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A Early Morning Sweat Out

A early morning sweat out and it’s benefits.

Yep… I know, I have been there. You set your alarm, lay out your workout gear with the plan that you are going to hit the class first thing in the morning… 

 However a nights sleep goes by and your alarm is going off and you roll over and think to yourself “this bed is so comfy and more sleep is better”. 

However, choosing to stay in bed could mean you’re missing out on some great benefits of early morning exercise.

Establishing consistency 

There are so many benefits to training in the morning, 

the first being that it builds consistency and discipline. 

Before your busy or sometimes chaotic work day starts, you are already in taking care of yourself both physically and mentally, so that afterwards you can focus on the other priorities of your life.

 By coming in the mornings, you are eliminating the opportunity for any distractions to interfere with your workout plans for the day, making it much easier to remain consistent. If we look at the discipline side of things, this is getting created by getting up early and attacking your workout while it’s still breaking into daylight. 

Kick start your metabolism

Another benefit is that training in the morning will kick start your metabolism and help to give you energy for the day. Working out increases your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours. 

You’ll leave feeling energized knowing that you’ve already taken care of yourself for the day! 

And you will find you will more then likely make healthier choices throughout the day with eating and water consumption. 

Avoid the night time rush. 

You will find training in the morning, you will avoid the more hectic evenings when everyone comes in to smash out the “daily workout or do “extra training”. 

 Don’t get me wrong a lot of people love this, however we understand it’s not for everyone and some people just want a good old fashion workout with likeminded people. 

 So if you’re someone that likes things a little calmer, the morning is perfect for you!

Get in and hang out 

Lastly, what is better than starting your day off with one of the Kia Maia coaches who are always ready to get you energized and prepared for the day.

So if you’re one of those people that struggles finding time in the evenings to get a consistent workout plan together, or one of those people that needs an extra kick in the right direction to get your day started, we encourage you to come check out the morning classes. You may have to go to bed and get up a little bit earlier, but give it a shot and see how it affects the rest of your day!

Want to Try CrossFit? 

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Is CrossFit Expensive ???

Is CrossFit expensive? 

The simple answer….. 


You see the average person living in New Zealand spends a average of 

$100 + a month on Sky and or

Similar services: Netflix, Apple TV, the list goes on 

$60 a week on eating out or having a catch up beverage with friends 

$10-18 per week on a 24 hour gym membership they don’t regularly use (I’ll get to this a little bit later on) 

$5+ a day on coffee

 (don’t worry I don’t have anything against coffee, in fact I love it) 

This is just 4 statistics I thought I would share. 

Now if we took all these items and put them into a monthly value it would probably be around the ball park figure of  $575-$600 per month. 

Pretty scary when you look at it like that. The reason it’s slightly disturbing is that we don’t think twice when it comes to enjoying things like this. 

However we hesitate and run in the opposite direction when something comes up in regards to improving our health and fitness. A simple thing that creates so many different avenues in our life, from being able to run around with our kids and loved ones, to being fit enough to go exploring the beautiful places that we have everywhere in NZ, to simply have the energy and a positive outlook to get us through those busy days at work. 

We went over some figures at the start of this article in regards to some of New Zealand’s spending habits, let’s now look into how a “CrossFit” membership breaks down. 

On average a “Unlimited Membership” at CrossFit costs $50-60p.w depending on the gym. 

Let’s now divide that by 7 (the number of days in a week) 

= $7.50-$8 per day 

I would say that’s a pretty great deal, when you would think twice about buying a counter lunch or 2 coffees a day.

Let’s have a look into what you get…

  • a fully planned 60 minute workout which can also be changed to suit your restrictions by a coach. 
  • Nutrition advice 
  • A group of like minded people who love to workout and have your interests at heart (Community) 
  • A place you could also come and do your own training if you wanted to change up your session for the day 
  • Not to mention Owners, coaches and members who actually care when you don’t turn up for a few days and reach out to see if everything is ok. 

I could go on for a bit more, but I think you get the point where I am going with this… I’m not saying that CrossFit is the only style of training you should do, I am more trying to explain that there is much more to a CrossFit membership then what you see advertised on a website. 

So hopefully this has changed your perspective and if it has, I say give it a go. 

Want to try CrossFit ? 

Click the link below to start your Free Intro Session. 

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