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Lachlan has been in the Health and Fitness industry for over 5 years and is committed to getting the best out of his Athletes and Clients. After stumbling across CrossFit as a means to stay Fit in the Rugby league off season, he became addicted and has never looked back.

Lachlan has also had the opportunity to train with some great coaches and athletes including: Chad Mackay, Rudy Nielsen, Kendrick Farris, Schwartz CrossFit, CrossFit 808, Jared Fleming, Rob Dowton and may more


Liam is an ex NZ Army infantryman and he brings that through slightly in his coaching style, from being surrounded in an environment where “adapt and overcome” and “onward” were terms used to make sure progress was never halted, he strives to rub the never say die attitude onto the members and clients.

Now with us he is Relatively New to the health and fitness industry but is well seasoned in training regimes. He is CrossFit trainer Level 1 Qualified, and currently doing a degree in exercises science and nutrition. Always on the lookout for Workshops and learning. Loves to have a yarn with members and encourages better living through all aspects of daily routines as well as exercise.

“I Love it when members come up to me after classes and have questions whether it’s about the work out or not, so don’t be shy I am always approachable!  The community environment is what makes this place so special so don’t be afraid to get amongst it and enjoy yourself”


I first discovered CrossFit on ESPN while watching a live broadcast of some competition. It immediately intrigued me and I did research to try find more out about this sport. Soon after, I found a box in my neighbourhood and have never looked back. I was nervous, unfit and didn’t know what to expect.

I tried to learn as much as I could about technique in the beginning by watching hundreds of YouTube videos. About a year into my CrossFit training I was approached by the head coach to take on a couple of introduction classes and so my coaching began. This was the perfect opportunity formed because I love sharing my journey with people, the small progresses that slowly turn into big steps. Not only in the boxbut in all aspects of life. I find myself selling CrossFit to my friends and family knowing how much it has changed my mind set in life.

I have a passion for people and investing into their lives. When I am not at the Box, I am a Civil Engineering Draughtsperson working for an engineering consultancy in Orewa.


Gareth has been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years, starting at a local gym as a fitness trainer as a 17 year old to becoming Head of Physical training at Advance Training centres and then most recently Vanguard Military School. Over the last 7 year he has jumped between a few Crossfit boxes and been coached by some very good coaches. In 2014 he decided to do his Level 1 coaching course and has always wanted to get into coaching in some capacity.

My coaching experience ranges from various age groups in different sports and recruits entering the Defence Force to boot camps and school sports academies. Currently I am studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science at Massey University in Albany on top of holding a current St Johns Workplace First Aid Certificate, Level 1 CrossFit certificate, Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, Certificate of Fitness Training and Personal Training and a Certificate in Fitness Instruction.

I think what attracts me to Crossfit coaching is the ability to help someone move better, gain confidence and accomplish something that they never thought possible in an amazing environment, with a great community that flows in the same direction.


Asuka discovered Crossfit in mid-2012. Prior to Crossfit she was a keen runner with multiple half and full marathons under her belt, including the 2012 Tokyo Marathon. She quickly became involved in Crossfit competitively, competing in her first team competition three months after starting Crossfit, coming 10th as an individual in “Battle of the Fittest” 2013, and representing NZ at the 2014 Crossfit Games Australia Regional in the team competition. Most recently she came 2nd in the 35-39 Masters Open NZ in 2017.

Passionate about helping people and creating a positive place to train, Asuka strives to get the best out of people to help them achieve their goals. Leading by example and through personal experience, she believes in developing foundations of movement to ensure good efficient technique, to enable individuals to reach their potential.


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

In charge of everything that happens behind the scenes.

Bryce Shearer 

I first found CrossFit after season ending rugby injury back in 2015. From here i have never looked back, falling in love with the sport.

“After joining Kia Maia as a member I was astounded by the support and care provided by the owners and staff which had lead me to improving my fitness immensely, which has now lead me into a coaching role.

Outside of coaching I am currently a personal trainer at Les Mills where CrossFit has a heavy influence on my sessions. I thrive on sharing my knowledge and helping guide others toward reaching their goals.”


Coach Sef is an ex professional athlete turned strength and conditioning coach who fell in love with his strength and movement practices while exploring what was actually capable of his body outside of his athletic world. Sef is a principle and process based coach that leads to people learning their body’s capabilities and athletic development.


CrossFit L1 , Crossfit L2, Advanced Personal Trainer, Diploma Sports Nutrition and Diploma life coaching. 

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