1. Better Conditioning and Versatility

CrossFit programs are designed to increase physical performance in a diverse way, whether it means being able to simply perform everyday tasks better (like mowing the lawn) or preparing your body for tough competitions. CrossFit athletes train their muscles, joints and ligaments using functional movements, which means they’re useful for more than just looking good in a bathing suit. Well-rounded workouts that use large muscle groups and various ranges of motion lead to better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength and balance.

2. The Ability to Beat Through Plateaus

CrossFit is widely varied and based on compound, or functional, movements done in a high-intensity way. This type of training is considered most effective at achieving fitness results in the fastest amount of time, while also helping you break through plateaus and boredom.

CrossFit isn’t just one type of workout repeated day after day — in fact, it’s basically the opposite. By continuously switching up the types of exercises performed, muscles used and intensity, CrossFit workouts keep you from plateauing since your muscles constantly have to work in new ways. Each program itself can be adjusted to accommodate all types of people, simply by switching up the weight load, duration and intensity of the workouts based on someone’s level of physical fitness.

3.  Can help in faster weight loss 

While many people dread doing steady-state cardio exercises, yet force themselves to do them anyway hoping to lose weight, they’re not aware that high-intensity exercises can actually burn more fat and in less time.

4. Less Time Spent Working Out, but More Results

 High-intensity functional training (HIFT) or “CrossFit” provides time-efficient aerobic and resistance exercise at self-selected intensity levels. Studies show that these types of shorter and more intense workouts, coupled with control over the intensity, can increase adherence.

5. Motivating and a Solid Support System 

Something that draws many people to CrossFit and makes it stand apart is its strong sense of community. 

Thanks to the ongoing support that stems from the group-based exercise setting, CrossFitters get the added benefit of having fellow athletes to help motivate, encourage and instruct the class inside the “CrossFit Box.”

A support system is crucial for keeping you on track and helping you overcome obstacles that can keep you from exercising and eating right. Group motivation means lower dropout rates and more accountability, which often equates to better results!

6. A Community That Supports Eating Like an Athlete!

Many CrossFit athletes choose to start following the Paleo or Zone diet to get stronger, leaner, faster and improve recovery time. Of course, you can do CrossFit workouts without needing to change your diet, but to see faster results and better health benefits,  changing certain eating habits can go a long way. 

CrossFit athletes are encouraged to eat the following foods most: Lean meats and proteins (like cage-free eggs, wild-caught fish, grass fed beef, vegetables, some fruits in moderation, nuts and seeds, small servings of starchy vegetables (like sweet potatoes, yams, plantains), and plenty of healthy fats from coconut products, avocados or extra-virgin olive oil, for example.

While the paleo diet isn’t necessarily a low-carbohydrate diet, since it puts all processed foods, sugars, grains, beans and legumes off the table, it naturally means your eating way less carbs. Your muscles receive the glucose they need to repair themselves in the form of plenty of veggies, fruits and some natural starches, but in the meantime, the lower-carb intake and higher protein/fat fills you up and helps with fat-burning.

So there you go 6 benefits that can come from CrossFit training or joining a CrossFit Community. 

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